You've watched your last webinar, you've thrown away your last $97 on a course and you've wasted your last waking hour trying to hack the 'code' to autopilot sales.
Create a sales system of passive income that can sustain your lifestyle and allow you the ability to help more women, double your income, and still get home by 2pm everyday.

Cash Flow Funnels is a six month 1:1 service that meets you where you are to design a customized blueprint for your business where everyday is payday.

life after working together,

  • You start writing that best-selling book for 45 minutes everyday
  • More opportunities to say YES to that 3-day retreat with your mastermind friends and to host your own sold-out conference.

  • A huge sigh of relief and the tallest glass of the wine you can find

  • Increased profits - once you find your perfect money path, you can 'set it and forget it' & watch the sales roll in
  • You pick and choose if you want to spend the day at the beach or a day out hiking - not your bank account

  • No longer will you have to keep pacing back and forth waiting by your laptop for that referral your friends promised you

"I’ve noticed an increase in opt-ins of 10% just in the past few days and it has to be due to what I implemented from your training! I loved that you started at the beginning – not leaving anything out."
Lise Cartwright,

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"If you want to bypass the trial-and-error tactics and get started with a solid sales funnel system, then you've got to work with Caressa."
Meghan Hartman,
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In Cash Flow Funnels you can,

Achieve 4 & 5 figure months without ever having employees to hire

Sell your products to your most eager buyers to create a stable income stream

Stop wasting 100's of dollars each month watching 2 hour webinars and only getting a glimpse of what it really takes to build a business that profits daily (even while you're sleep)

Caressa Thompson is amazing! She helped me take the anxiety out of creating a tangible profit plan... Caressa inspires and helps you take those big scary dreams and break them down into something that seems do-able, giving you the confidence to go for it!
— Raewyn Smith,

To get started,

1. Click the 'Let's Do This' button 

2. Sign, schedule & pay through your new Satori account. 

3. We meet for our first session via Zoom.



Cash Flow Funnels will allow you to create an online machine that don't require you to go knocking door to door for the sale - the sale comes to you!

here's what to expect each month:

Month 1: Validation + Discovery

  • A clear understanding of what your business has accomplished and where it stands right now

  • A defined goal for the evolution of your business over the next 6 months

  • Your cheat sheet for targeting your ideal clients’ pain points

Month 2: Income Streams

  • Complete testing and validation of your potential products or services

  • Develop your personal roadmap for achieving your monthly goals

  • Uncover ways you can create multiple income streams & more...

Month 3: Content + Strategy

  • Map out your entire sales funnel + organize your website to mimic your sales funnel path
  • Craft your customer journey - from lead generation to sale

  • Setup your entire sales funnel in your preferred softwares and more...

Month 4: Integration + Implementation

  • Record & schedule your pillar content pieces and polish your website layout

  • Write your email sequences, prepare Facebook ads, design graphics, organize

  • social media post , create freebies, lay out sales pages, etc.

  • Proofread all materials, integrate all the pieces of your funnel and more...

Month 5: Go LIVE!

  • Discover easy list building strategies to grow a following & build your community

  • Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3

  • Funnel is LIVE & all hands are on deck!

Month 6: Analyzation + Optimization

  • Find ways to improve your funnel conversions

  • Test, tweak and evaluate to ensure maximum visibility

  • Determine your next steps for continued growth & passive income


  • Downloaded recordings of each call
  • Unlimited access to me via our private Slack channel
  • 8 x 45 minute calls
  • BONUS - Case studies of LIVE 'Cash Flow Funnels'
"My mind was completely blown during my call with Caressa. All of the steps she laid out for me made so much sense and her presentation of the information was clear and easy to understand. I have exactly what I need to create a profitable sales funnel and I can't wait to put it into action!"
Krista Miller,



Caressa Thompson is the founder of CaressaLenae. She specializes in Sales Funnel strategy by building revenue streams for product and service based businesses.

During her 2 year journey of owning and operating an organic smoothie and juice bar, she realized the power of multiple revenue streams. Since then she has helped her clients use their skills, knowledge and expertise to create their own revenue streams. 

Ready to know what it feels like to have a sales system of passive income that allows you to still have a life? Let's make it happen together!

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Who This is NOT For,

  • New freelancers who haven't tried selling their first product or service
  • Done-For-You sales funnels - click here for those services

Who's this for,

  • Coaches, strategist, & consultants
  • Who have sold at least one product or service
  • Have been in business for 6 months
She was able to create a dynamic plan and walk through simple strategies to get up and running as soon as possible. Her focus is on getting things done... NOW, and not waiting until tomorrow
— Kimberly Brown,




  1. I've never been in a 6 month 1:1 coaching service, what should I expect?
    You're going to love it! If you enjoy a personalized experience that does give you e-very-thing you can possibly do under the sun. But instead customizes what to do month after month for your specific lifestyle, business and goal, then a 1:1 experience is just what you need.

  2. I don't know what software or tech to setup my sales funnel to work properly, will we cover this?
    You betcha! It's all covered so, don't worry a bit. From strategy to tech, execution and analyzation, we don't miss a beat.

  3. My business may change from month 1 - month 6. Will that affect my results?
    Not at all! This 1:1 experience is your own road map to multiple revenue streams. So if sometime during the 6 months your business makes a shift, we will shift with it. It's custom tailored to you - don't you like it when it's all about you?

  4. What if I have a very small or non-existent email list? Will we still be able to work together?
    Absolutely! We dive into email list building and create a plan for you to build your email list with eager clients and customer.

  5. I have a question that wasn't covered, how can I contact you?
    Easy peasy - email me here ---> and you can chat with me about any of your specific questions and I'll reply via email within 24 hours or right away if I am available.