Here Are Your Bonus Videos!

Watch Part 1 & Part 2 of the Funnel walkthrough using Convert Kit. Good idea to go through the funnel with me

  • Test out your funnel process. Subscribe > Tripwire Landing Page > (in the backend) Freebie sent via email > Purchase Tripwire > Direct them to the ‘Thank You’ page or directly to download the Tripwire.

UPDATE: Here is the new & quick training on how to setup your tripwire in Mailchimp

Important note: I mention in the video that you must use a domain name email address in order to send emails to your subscribers. I promised a 20% off coupon code for Google Apps and here is the link and the code to grab that offer. Enjoy.

Google Apps Link
Coupon code: 6C93EELR4RARAP

Here is the full ‘Getting Started with Simple Sales Funnel’ training.


I’ll check back in in a few days to see how you’re working through it.