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You dont have time to trial and error your way through building your business
you can have everything you need to know to turn your entrepreneurial spark into a successful business all on a DIY budget!
you could...

Keep putting your business on hold because of the kids, job and bills and work endlessly at a dead-end job that you may not be able to retire from

Fill your head with excuses on why you are pursuing your passion and using your skills and knowledge to make your own living

Continue going with the flow on a trial-and-error experiment hoping that one of those trials will be your ticket to your successful business


or you can start building the business...
You’ve always wanted even with a busy schedule..
Even with an exhausted bank account.
Even with the sense of overwhelm in the pit of your stomach.
Hey, I get it.
Entrepreneurship is in you, but getting started stays just out of reach.
Life happens, schedules are packed, budgets are maxed, and a clear plan for taking that first step towards your dream business is as elusive as a long, uninterrupted bubble bath.
but what if you had someone who...
already been there and done that helping you plan your path?
had access to tested, actionable resources that were tailor-chosen for your stage in the business-building process?
you could call a friend or mentor to help you plan, execute, and continue moving forward every step of the way?
And what if you could have all of that without the big price tag tied to a private business coach?
I know you’re in the lean stages of this dream.
My passion is helping new and soon-to-be entrepreneurs right where they’re at!
This Is for you if...
+ you know deep down that you weren't cut for the position your playing and you're ready for your staring role
++ excited about the possibilities in front of you and know with a little hand holding you can fulfill your most desired goal
+++ you have an compromising relationship with your goals and know you no matter what anyone says, you will succeed

“Caressa is amazing! I’ve never tried to sell anything I’ve created on my own before and had no direction when this all began. I was scared to take the leap and stalling. I wasn’t sure if it was even truly right for me. Caressa completely changed that… She helped me create a tangible plan that took the anxiety out of it… Caressa inspires and helps you take those big scary dreams and break them down into something that seems do-able, giving you the confidence to go for it!”
— Raewyn Smith

everything you need to know to turn your entrepreneurial spark into a successful business all on a DIY budget!
imagine what life could look like when...
+ Your time isn't wasted shuffling through Google, Pinterest and Facebook Groups for answers...
+ Your business isn't just a solo effort - your team is now in place to ease the workload...
+ You know the exact steps to take to finally quit your 9-5 and work for yourself full-time...
+ You can actually take a vacation without stressing about your business and still have leads flowing in...
+ Money starts flowing in because your systems and funnels are exactly where they need to be...
+ You see your initial investment in Spark To Launch pay itself 10x over in your new floursihing business.

Spark To Launch is your in-depth mastermind filled with the tools, strategies, community and experts for your business building needs


Launchers Mastermind

The Launchers Mastermind is the sweet spot of Spark to Launch. Filled with other new and aspiring entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, the community is where you can meet, mingle, and collaborate with other amazing individuals.

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Mastermind Calls

Monthly coaching calls & classes take place in our online community to help you build on what you’ve learned in the course library and to move you forward in your business. 



Inspiring Podcast Interviews

Tap into the knowledge and experience of other entrepreneurs and allow their stories to inspire, encourage, and equip you to launch and grow your own business. 



Step-by-Step Courses

Our course library is regularly updated with courses that walk you through the entire business-building process – from initial idea all the way to starting, building, and launching.

spark to launch is hooking you up with 3 essential things for business-building success
1. Simple Strategies & Proven Plans
Clear, actionable plans for getting started and moving forward (no fluffy advice here – we’re talking an actual implementation plan to get you from stressed-out to in-control)
2. Expert Entrepreneurs
You deserve 1st hand knowledge from the master’s in their field and learn from someone with the exact experience & knowledge you need (not passed down regurgitated info).
3. Community & Accountability
Real-deal accountability to keep you on track even on those tough days when you feel like throwing in the towel. And let’s not forget a community of other new and aspiring entrepreneurs who are living a crazy, busy life just like you

“After working with Caressa, I would strongly recommend her to entrepreneurs/bloggers who are just starting out. She was able to create a dynamic plan and walk through simple strategies to get up and running as soon as possible. Her focus is on getting things done… NOW, and not waiting until tomorrow”
— Kimberly Brown

I created Spark To Launch so you can have EXACTLY what you need at your finger tips to grow your business even on the tightest budget.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect,

+ You'll grow with a community geared to starting a thriving business just like you

+ You'll gain immediate access to myself (Caressa!) in our members-only mastermind

+ You'll get your hands (& eyes) on strategies the experts use taught by the expert themselves

+ You'll have lifetime access to all past and future live trainings

+ You'll get full access to our LIVE coaching calls + become a 'hot seat' member where every member is diving into your business to help you through new strategies to reach that next level

+ You'll hear real-life stories of entrepreneurs from all walks of life to inspire you through every stage of your journey

+ You'll start, grow & LAUNCH your business to be as successful as you need it to be


Get Instant Access To Spark To Launch for only...


Here's what Lise had to say after a live training...

While I knew what a funnel was, I felt like I didn’t fully understand all the pieces that go into a funnel and how to ensure they convert
The last training [Building & Marketing Your Simple Sales Funnel] you just did was the best for me. It has allowed me to review my current funnels and improve them – I’ve noticed an increase in opt-ins of 10%just in the past few days and it has to be due to what I implemented from your training!
I loved how open you were in providing quality content and I loved that you started at the beginning – not leaving anything out.
Your sales funnel training brings it all together for me and I would absolutely recommend your trainings.
Lise Cartwright, hustleandgroove.com

Are You Ready For Your Increase?

Meet Caressa,

Hey there, I’m so excited you’re here. After running my own brick & mortar business and gaining loads of experience in the business world, I developed a passion for helping other aspiring entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life.

I wanted to create an outlet that would allow me to teach and inspire others, and the Spark to Launch community was founded on that goal.

In addition to loving all things entrepreneurship, I’m also crazy about being a mother, creating a healthy & nutritious lifestyle, and great food! Seeing how all these different interests inspire and improve on each other is a huge motivation to help others realize their goals in life as well.



Take A Behind The Scenes Peek At The Trainings On The Inside...



Investing in your business is a big deal. Committing to making your goals happen can be scary.

Here’s the deal: I’m confident that the Spark to Launch mastermind academy has everything you need to move you towards the business you crave. But – I want you to be confident, too.

So here are my best (and honest) answers to some of those questions tumbling around in your head.

1. Is Spark to Launch a good fit for me/my stage of business?

Spark to Launch is built specifically for brand new or not-quite-started-yet entrepreneurs.  All of the content, classes, and resources are geared toward your early-stage status (which means you’ll get applicable advice that you can use right away to start making progress).

Spark to Launch is also built for people who are ready to take action. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or over-night-success kit, you won’t find it here.

If you know what you want and are ready to put in the effort – but need an action plan and guidance to make it happen – we’re a great fit.

2. The monthly financial commitment worries me – is it really worth it?

The monthly investment is a bargain when you add up all the advice, knowledge, and guidance you’ll receive to help you jump-start your business. And, it’s considerably less than you’d pay to get the same advice in a one-on-one coaching situation.

That said, I know that sometimes there just isn’t any wiggle room in the budget. If there’s no way to swing it financially right now, or the price makes you uncomfortable for some reason, take that as your key to step back. There’s no pressure. I want every member of the Spark to Launch community to be excited about and committed to the experience.

3. What if Spark To Launch isn't right for me?

Because of the immediate access to content and myself, you have a 7-day money back guarantee if you are not feeling it. Shoot me an email at support@caressalenae.com and we’ll take care of you. Of course, you can find more info on our refund & cancellation policy right here.

4. Do I have to contact support and wait days to cancel my membership?

Of course not. Your membership is in the palm of your hand – or just a few clicks away in your account page. You have complete control and can even ‘pause’ your membership when you need it most.

5. I don’t have much time in my schedule to work on my business – can I still get value from Spark to Launch?

Absolutely! Spark to Launch is geared specifically toward people just like you: new or aspiring entrepreneurs who are dealing with a major time-crunch. Everything inside Spark to Launch is designed to accommodate a tight schedule and still produce results – even if you only have an hour to work on your business each day.

6. How much access will I REALLY have to you?

It goes, my son, food, YOU!You’ll have access to me via our private Facebook Community and through the support chat AND if you are a Mastermind Launcher, your access exceeds beyond our community. We will work together in our Slack group + during the monthly coaching live calls to really take things to the next level.

7. I have more questions, how can I contact you?

You can click the blue square in the bottom right hand corner of your screen that says, "Got some Q's? I'm here if you need me". Quick access so I can answer all of your questions immediately. 

Are You Ready To Start Taking Action Towards Your Business To Create The Life You Know You Should Have?

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