3 online marketing strategies for offline businesses

Let's talk about symptoms.

Yeah, like the warning signs you get when you're another day away from getting a cold.

Symptoms happen to warn you... not just for colds.

For instance, you get "symptoms" of hunger to warn you it's time to eat.

Or "symptoms" of low energy when it's time to rest.

And "symptoms" of doubt when your business revenue becomes idle or you're working in your business yet another weekend.

And that symptom leads to numbness. Not being able to feel the energy your business once gave you.

What happens next...? Take it from someone who felt that way (and had a client or 2 say the same), you don't want to know.

Lucky for you - and because it's November (aka my birthday month!), I've got a holistic approach to making sure you start enjoying a worry-free weekend off from your business

So today, I'm answering the question, what type of online marketing can an offline business do?

Business #1 - You already have your own products to market

Let's say you're a boutique owner. You've probably have tried...

  • pop up shops
  • hosting local events
  • wearing or using your product out in the real world

And ALL of those things work. But those strategies don't necessarily work online. 

Here's the type of marketing you can do online...    

Free + Shipping offers
This is simply giving away one of your best and popular items for free while the customer pays for shipping.

I've seen this work a TON of times from workout apparel companies, to accessory stores, music and bookstores and even authors and musicians. 


Business #2 - You want to create a product to teach someone what you know

Let's say you're a coffee shop and you host a Chemex workshop. You want to teach people what you know.

Here's your online marketing prescription...

You can record the workshop and all of the teaching and demonstrations. Then, package it up to sell like Business #1 (above).

Or, you can create an online course using the workshop videos. And each lesson becomes a different step to getting closer to using a Chemex like a pro.

This can also work for a speaker, in-person coach, author, fitness instructor, and more. 


Business #3 - You want to create a product to teach someone else how to do what you do.

Let's say you're a professional - cosmetologist or yoga and pilates instructor

Your holistic marketing prescription reads...

You can host biweekly online web classes teaching 1-2 steps at a time to how to become a mat pilates instructor. 

Or you may even find that a subscription or membership site works best for your market. In that case, you can have the same concept - biweekly web classes but instead of singular promotion of 1-2 classes, you'll promote the entire library.

This can also work for a handmade business owner, car salesman, wedding planner, event coordinators, and anyone who has experience and expertise in any one subject.

Did some lightbulbs go off?

Are you starting to feel that tingling, butterfly sensation again about your business?

Can you see your business doing any of the above to double your impact & revenue and hit your community & income goals next year? 

All it takes is perspective. Perspective from someone who has coached, consulted, and taught thousands of men and women. 

Perspective from someone who can take what you've been doing in your business, figure out the holes, perfect the good, and form a strategic plan for expanding your business for visibility, leads & sales online.

My group coaching program, Sold In 6 is all of that and more.

You can take any of the 3 routes above and fully build out your online marketing processes as I walk you through every step to propel your offline business to its next phase of growth.

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