6 Instantly Actionable Steps to Getting Started on Social Media

After years of chatting with new and experienced business owners, I have learned many of the reasons that small business owners and entrepreneurs avoid social media.


While some of the reasons are valid reasons like, social media isn’t a priority (a lack of time or creative inspiration), I have found the number one reason business owners don’t jump in. 


they don’t know how to start!

Let’s dive right into the 6 action steps you can INSTANTLY begin this week to build your social media presence:

Don't know where to start with social media? It can be an overwhelming task but, here are 6 instant steps to get you started on social media today. Plus, be sure to download your free cheat-sheet to get you going. via @CaressaLenae


1. Choose 1-2 platforms

Yes, it’s really this simple! Some “experts” say that you need to be everywhere to be noticed. I could not disagree more! In the beginning, you need to focus on 1 or 2 platforms, grow, and only THEN expand to more platforms.


A good example of an easy social media combination to start on would be Facebook and Twitter for conversational services, or Instagram and Pinterest if you have products that are visually appealing! If you have B2B offerings, start your focus on LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Find “handles” that are available


This one can be a little tricky… You may have a business name such as “Real Food”. Unfortunately, this handle (also called a name) is probably taken. You’re going to need a little creativity.


Try your business name, your domain name, or a variation. For the “Real Food” example, try “TheRealFoodOfficial” or “RealFoodRealInstagram”. With a little creativity, you can turn an availability issue into a cool handle.


3.  Optimize your bios


Optimization is so important. I cannot stress this enough!


It can be the difference between being a social media superstar and a static page that doesn’t generate interest. [Tweet That]


By optimizing your profile, it shows that your business is current, complete, and consistent.

Go through every field of your social media profiles, and make sure each field is completely filled out. Link to your urls where possible, add in keyword rich text, and make a unique description that brings education/entertainment for your customers!


4. Create a social media strategy


Creating a complete social media strategy can feel overwhelming. But similarly to setting up your social media, it is much easier than other aspects of a business.


By creating an overarching strategy for your business, your goals for business will be aligned with the social media. By creating a congruent goal, your customers will see consistency, and it will feel authentic to your brand voice.


This is a part of the process that I go through with my clients, and I’ve turned this entire process into an easy to use cheat sheet. While a brand strategy can be more in depth, the is a great place to start! Plus, my cheat sheet is gorgeous…. More information below!


Grab Your Cheat Sheet Now!



5. Create your first post


Ready for the magic to begin? Your first post will be an image, text, video, link, or a combination of these!

Creating visually appealing graphics is incredibly easy with the use of a stock image gallery, such as Pixabay or Unsplash. Using these photos with Canva or PicMonkey will allow you to layer text over images. Play around with the settings until you create a gorgeous graphic.


If you are creating a video, your best bet to begin is by using an iPhone to document a talk, a product, or a look into your business. Hosting on YouTube or Vimeo is a great option.


As you scale your business and marketing processes, you can look into hiring a professional videographer.


Inspiration for text based posts can come from testimonials, stories, quotes from your industry, or from your services. As you begin to open your eyes, you will find inspiration everywhere.


6. Invite your friends, family, and customers


There is nothing more intimidating than going “live” on social media to an empty platform. I still remember my first Facebook group post, and the fear of hearing crickets was so OVERWHELMING. Thankfully, the supportive friends and community I’ve met over the years were there to cushion the newness of my social media platforms.

While followers and fans will find you over time, in the meantime, you can ask friends, family, and customers to “like”, “follow”, etc. This will help to provide a little social proof as you grow.

Above all else, do it NOW! The sooner you jump in with both feet, the faster you will see your social media growing. The benefits are amazing as well, as you can quickly watch your website traffic, opt-ins, and sales rise as a result!

Share in the comments, what is holding you back from getting started on social media? which step will you start to implement?


Rachel Pedersen is the founder of www.rachelpedersen.com, and specializes in social media management for small business. She creates customized solutions for businesses in many different industries, and loves building strong, family-like bonds with her clients. Did you forget Your Complete Social Media Strategy Cheatsheet? 

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