5 Procrastination Hacks To Accomplish More Daily

5 Procrastination Hacks To Accomplish More Daily

"Hi, My name is Caressa and I am "The Queen of Procrastination". For as long as I can remember, I was always up at midnight finishing a school project. For me, it's the obligation that I must complete this task as perfect as possible. Honestly, what is perfect? Who invented this 'perfect' nonsense? 

Sometimes I procrastinate because I am scared of the outcome. Does this sound familiar?

You know the feeling of a great idea you must see manifest? So you plan and set goals and have everything in line. Then when it’s time for execution you scare yourself out of making your idea see the light of day. Now, all that remains is you and your great idea held back by insecurities, fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Is this you?

Here are some great hacks we can use to stop procrastinating Right Now!