It's no lie you're making money in your business. You're profitable each month and even have a team to help you. But even though sales are coming in, your income has flatlined...
It's time for you to enjoy a worry-free weekend off from your business and still bring in revenue to pay yourself what you deserve, and live-in-the-moment of quality family time.

Sold in 6 is a 6-month group coaching program where we'll propel your offline business to its next phase of growth through building out your online marketing funnel for your product.

life after working together,

  • You're relaxed and smiling while boarding the plane for a family vacation. You're confident your business will make sales without you physically being there.
  • You build an email mailing list of super fans that checks your every email in anticipation for your next product launch

  • Mom guilt is a thing of the past. Now, you have the time to attend every after-school function and still have time to make an healthy dinner. 

  • You get to take your time back and start enjoying a weekend off and much needed vacation to hang out with your family.
  • You're clicking champagne glasses with the 'who's-who' in your city because word around town is you've got the best to offer in your market.

  • You no longer need a shot of vodka before looking over your financials. You know your revenue consistently hits five figures every month!

"I’ve noticed an increase in opt-ins of 10% just in the past few days and it has to be due to what I implemented from your training! I loved that you started at the beginning – not leaving anything out."
Lise Cartwright,

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"If you want to bypass the trial-and-error tactics and get started with a solid sales funnel system, then you've got to work with Caressa."
Meghan Hartman,
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Sold in 6 will prep you for,

Achieving your highest grossing months without having to work more hours.

Diversifying what you offer your customers to create an additional healthy and consistent revenue stream

"I was tired of having to rely on scheduling promos on social media alone. I needed a automated way to monetize my product. I’ve had sales sprinkle in daily after implementing what Caressa had strategized for me."
Sonja Thompkins | Boutique Coach,
Caressa Thompson is amazing! She helped me take the anxiety out of creating a tangible profit plan... Caressa inspires and helps you take those big scary dreams and break them down into something that seems do-able, giving you the confidence to go for it!
— Raewyn Smith,

To Get Started,

1. Click the 'Let's Do This' button

2. Type in your name, email & select your desired installment plan

3. View & sign the contract & pay the invoice via Stripe 

4. Check your email for payment confirmation + welcome email within 24 hours for next steps

5. Celebrate because it's about to be a fun ride!


10 SPOTS available

sold in 6 will allow you to create an online selling machine that don't require you to go knocking door to door for the sale - the sale comes to you!

Here's What To Expect Each Month:

Month 1-2: Visibility + Lead Opt-in Funnel

We'll strategize a marketing & advertising blueprint for your business to start bringing in qualified leads. (to start creating online awareness...) aka get people to know you, the business and how you will help them.

  • Personal 1:1 call with me to kickstart our 6 month journey to online visibility, leads & sales!
  • We'll cover all of the below
    • Craft your customer sales journey 
    • Opt-in page (aka your online lead page)
    • Thank your page 
    • Brand Awareness content 
    • Facebook Ad strategy for your budget
    • Plus, easy-to-follow tech tutorials


Month 3-4: Leads + Tripwire Funnel

We'll focus on building your credibility & authority in your market and getting your first online sales of hot buyers!

  • We're covering,
    • Tripwire sales page
    • Welcome email series 
    • Authority building content
    • List building strategies 


Month 5-6: Sales + Product Funnel

We'll focus on driving those qualified leads and hot buyers to your core product offer!

  • Including,
    • Product sales page
    • Email series for product launch
    • Credibility building content
    • Traffic growth strategies

+ Here's what you get,

  • 1 Lead Opt-in Funnel
  • 1 Tripwire Funnel
  • 1 Product Launch Funnel
  • Online Customer Journey Outline
  • Content deck (emails, blog post, videos, sales copy, etc)
  • 12  x group coaching calls
  • Monthly tech walk-through training videos
  • Private community with 24hr access
  • ++ BONUS opportunity that only those in the program will have the option to choose from!
"My mind was completely blown during my call with Caressa. All of the steps she laid out for me made so much sense and her presentation of the information was clear and easy to understand. I have exactly what I need to create a profitable sales funnel and I can't wait to put it into action!"
Krista Miller,

10 SPOTS Available



Hey, I’m Caressa, the Marketing and Sales Funnel Strategist behind

Business ownership has ran through my veins for the past 5 years as a brick and mortar & online business owner.

I've worked with industry leaders in ecommerce, web development, beauty professionals, coaching, speaking, course creating, and more. 

Plus a mommy for 5 years to a Yorkie and 3 years to a sweet boy - you can’t ask for a better 360 view for easing the pain of getting your business seen, filled with leads and sales through digital marketing! 

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Who This is NOT For,

  • You're in the beginning stages of your offline business & haven't made consistent 4-figures in revenue
  • Can't dedicate 1-2 hours a week to the calls, training, and implementation time to do the work required to push your business forward
  • If you have no intention of expanding your business online

Who's this for,

  • Established offline, brick & mortar, & local business owners
  • Who has at least 1 product created or in the making
  • And is ready to go from"making money" to being profitable & paying your bills!

"I am extremely happy with the decision to work with Caressa. I was able to break down exactly what I needed in my email sequence to effortlessly bring in leads and an audience to my signature service. I was coming confident she would deliver and would most definitely recommend this to anyone who needs help in growing their business through their email list!"

Iyanna Vaughn | Bookkeeper,

Iyanna Pic.png

10 SPOTS available



  1. Can I make 1 payment? Is there a discount if I pay in full? 
    Yes and yes! If you're ready to pay in full, click here and select the pay in full plan. Then, your discount will be applied automatically.

  2. I've never been in a 6 month group coaching program before, what should I expect?
    - If you enjoy being able to be amongst a tight-knit group that are all after the same goal as you are - You're going to love it!
    - If you enjoy, asking questions, getting feedback and celebrating small and big wins to those who'd understand, You're going to love it!
    - If you enjoy a judgement-free, private community, You're going to love it! .

  3. I don't know what software or tech to setup my sales funnel to work properly, will we cover this?
    You betcha! I give it all to you! Yep, you don't have to worry or fiddle with tech. From strategy to tech, execution and analyzation, we don't miss a beat.

  4. My business may change from month 1 - month 6. Will that affect my results?
    Not at all! I've found that many times shifts SHOULD happen and it's perfectly normal. You'll have access to any of the recordings and community even after the 6-months so, you can still be held accountable for getting it done! 

  5. What if I have a very small or non-existent email list? Will we still be able to work together?
    Absolutely! We dive into email list building and create a plan for you to build your email list with eager clients and customer.

  6. I have a question that wasn't covered, how can I contact you?
    Easy peasy - email me here ---> and you can chat with me about any of your specific questions and I'll reply via email within 24 hours or right away if I am available.


10 spots available