My mission here is simple, I want you to have success, live in success and be successful. 

With an intuitive heart and an alive dream, you tread boldly onto the entrepreneurial path. You trust and know in your gut that you’re not just starting a business, but you’re creating a life of abundance and freedom for yourself and your family.

Ready and motivated, you head into the unknown. Classes, webinars, and advice from experts act as the lights guiding you through the dark.

Yet, even when following the myriad of resources out there, the path feels disorienting. There are hundreds of roads to take, in all kinds of directions. If only you had a map that marked the best way to go from your current point A to your unique point B. A map marked by someone who’s tread the same path and knows the terrain well. I’ve got you covered. 

Hey, I'm Caressa, and I know exactly how you're feeling and I've been exactly where you are.

About Caressa Lenae

You see, driven by a dream, I built an organic smoothie & juice bar from the ground up. I experienced success, money in the bank and had employees help make my dream a reality. However, after a year I eventually had to close the doors. Doing so was the bravest and most heartbreaking decision I’ve had to face. Months after closing shop, I bounced back from extreme low spirits, I realized exactly how I failed my business and the many lessons learned through my own failures.

I want you to learn from my mistakes and capitalize on my successes.

Now, I am defining, building and educating aspiring entrepreneurs, like yourself, on how to how to create strategic paths towards a successful business.


My intention is to give you the advice and mentorship I wish I had when I started both my online and offline businesses

Just as you had a teacher guide you through lessons in school, or a wise friend steer you in the right direction when you started to go astray, I walk with you while you build your business.

My job is to ensure you spend your time in the right places, build a strong presence and create something that’s perfect for you and your life.

I help you cut through the noise.

I guide you to where you need to go next.

I keep you from getting caught in the endless loop of advice seeking, website tweaking, and product lusting that doesn’t actually build a strong foundation to your business.

I lift you up, give you a map and get you moving towards your highest self, and biggest impact.


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