I'm Hosting A Family Affected By Hurricane Harvey - And I Need Your Help!

This post is different than my normal blog post but, that's what make business so special. 

We can do business our own way!

Because of that, I am sponsoring a family that was completely wiped out during Hurricane Harvey and I need the contribution, support, and help of YOU to make this happen.

I'm sure you've seen the pictures, heard the news, and saw the reports so I won't share much of that info. 

Here's their brief story...

This family lost everything during Hurricane Harvey and they are in need of any help from friends and strangers. Which is why I am reaching out and briefly sharing their story. Plus, 30% of my 'Hey Big Seller' package will be donated to the family throughout the month of September. via @CaressaLenae

On Saturday, August 27, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made it's way from the coast to the city of Houston. And it was then, that the Jackson family was hit with the realization that Hurricane Harvey was indeed here. 

But like many, no one expected what was going to happen next.

On Sunday, August 27, 2017, I was woken from my sleep at 7 am with a phone call from my sister. She was telling me that she spoke with Mrs. Jackson and they were flooded in with no way out.

Except by a watercraft...

At this point, most of Houston and the surrounding cities were flooded to some capacity. 

From 8 am until 4 am Monday, August 28, 2017, my family reached out to their network of Facebook friends, family friends, and strangers to see if anyone was rescuing people in that area.

It was around 4 am that we were told that no one else was coming through that area as police has blocked all activity until 7 am Monday morning.

At 7 am they were still on top of their roofs.

After many failed attempts, being shut down by national and state help, boats tipping over, and rescue teams being directed on who and where to rescue, one of their neighbors was able to get in touch with their extended family.

It was that neighbor and their family with a boat that rescued the Jackson family - a family of 6 and a dog!

Daughter - College Sophomore (who was at college during this time)
Son - High school
2 adoptive daughter - elementary and middle school

The Jackson family lost everything except what they could pack in a garbage bag. And now I'm reaching out to my network so you can help me help them, any way you know how. 

They need everything. 

👉🏾Place to live (info on hotel discounts, agent willing to look on their behlaf)







👉🏾Under garments 


👉🏾School supplies

👉🏾Hair supplies (for the ladies)

👉🏾Hair cut (for the fellas)





👉🏾Personal care items

💜Loads of love

👫Tons of support

📲Thousands of shares of this post 

If you can help in any way, I'm accepting:

  • Mailed items click here for their sizes (mail clean items to: Caressa Thompson 15300 Cutten Rd. Houston, TX 77070)
  • I can arrange to pick up if you are in the Houston area (my car is totaled due to the flood but, we will make it happen for this family)
  • Cash via PayPal (click the button below)
  • Lastly, if you are a business owner in need of,
    • marketing strategy
    • sales funnel strategy
    • launch strategy action plan

You can purchase my 'Hey Big Seller' package through the month of September (or until 10 clients are booked) for only $397 ($100 OFF)

With, $119 donated directly to the Jackson family, per client!

That's $1,190 if we reach 10 client!!!

It's a win-win for your business and for your heart :)

I'll personally keep every donor updated on how every dollar of their funds is being used.

Feel free to personally email me (email@caressalenae.com) if you have any questions but, don't hesitate to spread the word and share this post far and wide.