You’re tired of feeling like a headless chicken running without direction after every product or service you try to launch.
It's time to face reality!
That 5 day email sequence and limited timed discount isn’t a sales funnel. And even though you're phenominal at what you do, your jumbled product suite isn't going to sell just by sitting there looking pretty!

Hey Big Seller! is a 1:1 strategy intensive where we map out your entire sales funnel journey to rinse and repeat - from customer awareness through first sale.

life after working together,

  • You're making money on autopilot - for-real! No more second guessing if your product is selling - your bank account will tell you!
  • No more relying on your services to bring in all of your income. You can start building multiple income streams.
  • You're confident that now is the time to start Facebook Ads and double your audience base and revenue! 
  • You'll have a clear understanding on what happens at each step of your customer journey.
  • You have a plan in place for creating a solid funnel for your products that will allow them to sell themselves without you having to constantly push them
  • You'll have the freedom to take time off when kids are in the picture without your income taking a huge hit.
"I was tired of having to rely on scheduling promos on social media alone. I needed a automated way to monetize my product. I’ve had sales sprinkle in daily after implementing what Caressa had strategized for me."
Sonja Thompkins | Boutique Coach,

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"If you want to bypass the trial-and-error tactics and get started with a solid sales funnel system, then you've got to work with Caressa."
Meghan Hartman | Designer,
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To get started,

1. Click the 'Let's Do This' button 

2. Fill out your contact info & some brief info

3. Check your email to sign your contract

4. Pay your invoice.

4. You'll receive a welcome email with details on the next steps!


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Hey Big Seller will give you a marketing plan to what you need to launch your service, product, or membership!

here's what's included:

-- 60-minute intensive phone call

-- Intensive call recording

-- 3-day post-intensive email access to me

Your choice of any 2 to focus on during our strategy intensive.

  • Lead Magnet
  • Tripwire
  • Email Series (up to 5)
  • Content Planning & Marketing
  • Customer Journey (what happens at every step in your sales process)
  • Product Paths (positioning your products to sell after one another)
  • Traffic Generation Strategies (including Facebook Ads)
  • Launch Execution Plan
"I'm making money on auto-pilot! Before working with you, my sales were kind of random. I never knew what to expect and I usually ended up with about 5 or so per month. So far, my tripwire product is converting at about 25%! I can't wait to see what happens when they get far enough in to be presented with my main offer."
Krista Miller | Developer,

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Caressa is the founder of CaressaLenae. She specializes in Marketing & Sales Funnel strategy to past & present brick and mortar business owners.

She's known to be hired to ease the pain of passive income building, sales funnel strategy and exponentially growing and scaling your business using Facebook Advertising.

Ready to know what it feels like to have a sales system to 2x your customer base, sales and profit? Let's make it happen together.

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This is for the business owner who wants to make sales on autopilot


Who This is NOT For,

Who's this for,

  • Business owners who've sold validated products and services 

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GOt A Q?

I want my products to sell each other. Is that possible with this service?
Yep, sure is! One of my recent clients, Bluchic, created a sales funnel process that allowed each of her products to phase into the next product offer. After you hear the strategy, you'll see how exactly how to connect your products to sell each other.

I have a question, how can I contact you?
Easy peasy - email me here ---> or contact me using the chat box in the bottom right of your screen.

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"I am extremely happy with the decision to work with Caressa. I was able to break down exactly what I needed in my email sequence to effortlessly bring in leads and an audience to my signature service. I was coming confident she would deliver and would most definitely recommend this to anyone who needs help in growing their business through their email list!"

Iyanna Vaughn | Bookkeeper,


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