From Click To Customer (how it'll change the way you get customers forever)


You’ve tried everything when it comes to marketing and advertising your business for more customers.

You’ve tried radio ads… but then Pandora, Google Play, iHeartRadio, became a thing.

You’ve tried the newspapers... but then online accounts and social media boomed.

You’ve tried the local events... 

You’ve tried pop-up shops...

You’ve tried everything and yet you still can’t get consistent customers through your doors on a regular. Yeah, you may have gotten some really good customers from the events, the pop-up shops, and the commercials.

And you probably spent a whole lot more money than you actually got back into your business. Which means your ROI (return on investment) is probably in the negative. (not good)

Yet, you keep trying because that’s what everyone else is doing.

That’s what the big companies are doing.
That’s what the small businesses are doing.
That’s what your neighbor business is doing.

and that’s what you’ve always known.

So you KNOW you should be doing it too.

At least that is until now…

My 1:1 package, From Click To Customer, is all about leveraging Facebook Advertising to bring the most consistent and ideal customer to your business every single day.

That means you don’t have to do the commercials...

Or spend $1000’s on 'skipped' radio ads...

You don’t have to find every event in your local town to be apart of...

You don’t have to host pop-up shops to try to make a buck.

You don’t have to do all of these extra (and low return) forms of advertising because Facebook Advertising will do all of that plus more.

Facebook advertising is your commercial that’s running on autopilot. Where you don’t have to pay $1000’s for a 30-second slot dominated by the big million an billion dollar companies. 

Who really watches TV anyway?

Facebook advertising is like your radio ad. Except your potential customer can hear or watch your advertisement to build trust a bit sooner and see the social proof supporting your business.

And don't think for a second your ideal customer isn't hanging out on Facebook. With billions of active users and the data being tracked by Facebook, better believe they are there!

Facebook Advertising is your pop up event and marketing event. How? You can cater to those people that you would normally cater to for those events. If you want to target people for specific events or people who would be most interested in certain events, you can find who those people are using Facebook advertising

Because hello, the people who organized the event probably used Facebook to advertise the event to get the word out.

So why not use the software that every smart business owner is using today to bring in consistent clients and consistent customers to your business? Whether they're shopping online or coming to your local business.

Facebook Advertising is what you should be using.

And From Click To Customer tackles it all for you.

  • No matter if you’re a plumber in a small town, we can find your ideal customers.
  • Or if you’re a chiropractor who’s looking for a specific client, we can bring them to you.
  • Or if you’re a boutique owner and you want to increase your brand awareness while making sure people aren’t leaving their carts without checking out, we can make that happen to you.

All you have to do is...

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