Should I Start Facebook Ads Without A Sales Funnel?

Imagine for a second you're the customer...

You're at a restaurant and as soon as you walk in the restaurant owner greets you with a free meal. After your meal, she walks up prepared to take your order but... you don't buy.

Example #2...

You take a trip to an ice cream shop and upon entering they've made it known everyone gets a free cone of their choice today.

When you get to the register they ask if that's all for you today, you say yes and go on about your day.

Did you notice the problem?

Sales funnels and Facebook advertising go hand in hand. Without the other, there's o automated process to keep potential clients and customer hot and ready to purchase your offer. Make your marketing work for you and get the answer to a regularly asked question. via @CaressaLenae


Every business expected you (the customer) to buy yet, those same businesses gave you the full service/product you were after BEFORE you spent any money.

As a customer - you've hit the jackpot.

As a business - you've made a costly mistake.

Starting Facebook Ads allows for potential clients and customers to start interacting with you.

But if you don't,

  • have a way to keep contact with them
  • follow up after a free offer
  • or even worse they came expected and ready to purchase from you but you gave them the whole package

You've missed out, lost money in the process, and have to work TWICE as hard to get them back.


You can prevent all this headache with building out your sales funnel/sales process FIRST, then start ads - based on your sales funnel goal.

And guess what?

When we work together, In my package From Click To Customer, we strategize your sales funnel and implement the steps for it to run on autopilot. It's all part of a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Without your sales funnel, you're banking on an "if".

With your sales funnel, you're banking on an "when".

And "when" is measurable, "if's" are lost.

Book your strategy call with me this week so we can map out how you can incorporate Ads into your sales funnel and marketing goals.