5 Procrastination Hacks To Accomplish More Daily

"Hi, My name is Caressa and I am "The Queen of Procrastination". For as long as I can remember, I was always up at midnight finishing a school project. For me, it's the obligation that I must complete this task as perfect as possible. Honestly, what is perfect? Who invented this 'perfect' nonsense? 

Sometimes I procrastinate because I am scared of the outcome. Does this sound familiar?

You know the feeling of a great idea you must see manifest? So you plan and set goals and have everything in line. Then when it’s time for execution you scare yourself out of making your idea see the light of day. Now, all that remains is you and your great idea held back by insecurities, fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Is this you?

Here are some great hacks we can use to stop procrastinating Right Now!

Do you suffer from procrastination? What about the perftionist syndrome? Try these 5 Procrastination Hacks To Accomplish More Daily via @CaressaLenae

If it takes less than 2 minutes, then do it!

  • Set your timer for 2 minutes and start your task. If after the 2 minutes you do not want to complete it, then stop. You can apply this to, writing, working out, cleaning, organizing, studying, cooking, anything. 

The hardest part of beginning a task is the beginning. 

If you start for 2, 5 or 10 minutes and find yourself still going strong after your timer has stopped, then you, my friend, have succeeded! This is my favorite and I have seen great strides. Thank you, James Clear!



Write, type, text, or speak out loud whatever it is holding you back.


If you think about the full spectrum of the task, the whole shebang, then you’ll never get it completed. 

  • THIS BY FAR IS MY STRUGGLE! I can start thinking about taking out the trash and the next thing you know I am debating putting on shoes, what clothes to wear, feeding Pops, shaving my legs, and if I should eat now or later.


I can make the simplest task turn into the most complex chore. Am I the only one?


Take it from someone who fights this daily, don’t do it! The easiest way I overcome my overthinking is using The 2-minute rule. Many times, I can complete the task in 2 minutes without the overwhelmed thinking. It works every time!

Find a schedule and stick to it.

  • Whether you decide to clean on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for no longer than 1 hour after work but, before your favorite show comes on at 7 pm, then schedule it in. It doesn’t have to be as specific as the example above. But if you take the time to schedule your task, you may find it easier to get it done. You will at the least think about your time commitment and start for at least 2 minutes and get it done.

Find a buddy to hold you accountable.

  • Their job is to stay on your butt, on your scheduled days so you can fulfill you goal. This is important. We sometimes need the kick in the butt to get up and make moves, and that is exactly what our buddy is for. Plus, they’ll be right beside us cheering along the way as we are doing well. Find your accountabilibuddy

Here are a few other procrastination hacks:

  • Make a due date for yourself for every task

  • Set 2-3 days out of the week to hustle your hardest. Then enjoy the remaining 4 days at your leisure.

  • Write your task for the entire week. Branch them off into short (3-5) actionable task each day

  • Remove all distractions 

  • Keep one browser open at a time. One. Not 3. Not 5. If you're anything like me, not 296. Just one.

Get yourself an accountabilibuddy, speak out what is holding you hostage, pick a schedule, set your timer and DONT THINK, just get it done! Put in the effort with these simple procrastination hacks and you might just amaze yourself at all you can achieve! I know I have :)

Share with me in the comments, what are your biggest procrastination hurdles & which procrastination hack would benefit you the most?