4 Ways To Package Services With Your Ideal Client In Mind

As I was outlining this post, I kept thinking about when I use to sell my product. The one thing I kept remembering was, I didn't sell my entire business. I didn't sell every product together for what I would seem like the ultimate deal.

I sold individual products or I packaged liked products together to sell. 

When I started my consultation services I grouped everything together with minimal explanation and called it a package. Does this sound familiar? I thought my ideal client will know exactly what I am offering them. 

Wrong. False. Not happening.


As of December 2015, I am repackaging my services page and revamping my packages for 2016. So, I thought this is the perfect time to show you the strategies I am using to pump up the volume on my packaged services. 

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Sell the formula

Throwback | Thinking back to my previous business, as I would sell a juice or smoothie I didn't sell it based on the name. Although, I created the names of my smoothie to be a direct reflection of what they can provide, not many took heed of it.

I did, however, sell the nutritional benefit + the result (the effect it can have over your health with consistent drinking).

Same applies to your services. 

Sell the benefit + result/effect = your ultimate package. 

Take the same formula and make it work for your clients!

The benefits of your service + the results or the effect they will experience equals an awesome packaged deal.


This tells your clients exactly what they are getting, how they are getting it, why it is best for them and how it will improve their lives in some way. Your client will thank you once they see exactly what they need outlined so beautifully. 

Group Attractive services

Throwback | In my smoothie & juice bar, I categorized my products for different groups to make it easier for my customers to distinguish what they wanted.

For instance, one category was Green Smoothies. Although, it sounds pretty obvious (at least I thought) what a green smoothie is, not everyone knew what a green smoothie was. Some was even turned off by the idea of drinking something green. Many asked, "What makes a smoothie green?". See the disconnect?

I assumed my customers knew a green smoothie as well as they knew their favorite TV show.

Critical mistake.

When I grouped these liked smoothies together, I advertised and explained exactly what a green smoothie was.


  • listing the ingredients
  • showing an image
  • showcasing testimonials from other customers
  • explaining the benefit of a green smoothie. 

Now, my customers were encouraged to purchase a green smoothie.


Use the same concept for your services. Package attractive services your client doesn't need explanations for. 



  • sell the upgrade (what will your client need after your services)
  • sell the process (1, 2, 3...)
  • sell the 'how' (how are you delivery your services)


The less you have to explain, the easier the sell.

Combine services for an ultimate offer

Use your resources & connections.

Throwback | I would sometimes partner with a local business who shared a similar audience or an audience who would enjoy my product.

This would create visibility to our products which we could not have done on our own. Plus, our customers were elated with the combo deal. Who doesn't like a value-packed product from two of their favorite (or soon to be) places? 


Package your services so it is a convenience for your clients. 

Hook up with an affiliate or a similar business (one your ideal client would enjoy) and package up a grand deal to suit both of you. Wouldn't that be a delightful client experience!


Tip: Make sure your ideal client is ready for such a deal.

The best way to give your client what they want is to listen. Read your blog comments, hop on Facebook and search in groups your ideal client would likely engage in. And, as you are participating in Twitter chats see what others are in need of.

Other places to listen:

  • forums
  • Periscope commentary
  • Amazon reviews (search for the topic your ideal client would likely search)
  • Pinterest searches and repins
  • Slack groups
  • questions you are being asked and feedback you receive 


Think about your client. If it makes sense to package A, B & C together because, it gets them to their results without the need to purchase anything additional, than it's a winner. 

Create a focused package for one specific result

Throwback | I sold smoothie & juices cleanses which catered to one specific need. Ranging from fat burning, increased energy, flu fighting and more. Sure a customer could ask for a mixture of the cleanses available. However, because I catered it to one specific need for one specific result, my customers were drawn to the package they desired the most.


Check the services you offer and find where you can target one specific need and aim for one specific result. Think of what your client has already asked for or something you have already created. And, use it to your advantage!

For instance, if you are an expert copy writer then instead of only offering to write their sales page, you could offer the following:

  •  a package focused on their copy for their entire launch
  • a package designed to transform them from basic copy to exceptional mind-blowing & persuasive copy.
  • a fill-in-the-blank template package for an about page, service page, sales page, and homepage.

See what I'm getting at?


These are driven specifically for a need, a desired result, and a catered client. Plus, it will save the minds of many.


Tip: Take advantage of the connections you've built so far. If you are only starting out, make the most of it. Get out there and network with those who offer services and products your ideal client need.

For example, if you are a new vegan chef looking to make your presence known online, then you may need to partner with a brand who caters to special diets or serve specialty foods, hook up with a supplier for cooking supplies you'd use regularly, or work with a local grocery store or delivery service.