5 Excuses New Entrepreneurs Make Up In Their Minds

I'm not calling your crazy (although some would being you want to be an entrepreneur and all)! But I am calling you out on those redundant excuses you keep telling yourself only to make yourself feel good about the decisions you make.

Yep - I said it!

I hear it and see it over and over and nothing will change until you do. So allow me to be your mama bear for the next couple of minutes and debunk these 5 excuses new entrepreneurs make up in their mind.

Every entrepreneur, mompreneur, and solopreneur must eliminate these 5 excuses that is only made up in their minds. Learn what redundant excuses you tell yourself and grab the free email course to ignite the spark back into your business (and yourself!) via @CaressaLenae


Excuse #1 - It's Hard

Come here. Come a little closer. Listen real good at what I am about to tell you. It is HARD for E-VERY-ONE! Unless your million dollars was handed to you on a silver platter next to the ceviche, then it is most certainly hard.

Time or no time. Money or no money. You will experience the hardships of entrepreneurial-ship somewhere down the line. And it will get harder but once you start and keep going, you will become smarter. Those decisions that were hard 3 months ago are now swiftly acted upon because you stayed the course.

Whether you are only getting 4-5 hours of sleep, mompreneur'n it, 9-5'ing the hustle or student by day, entrepreneur by night, you will experience the common side effect of - HARD!

Remember - something being hard doesn’t justify your incomplete or failure to perform. TWEET THAT

It’s hard to memorize a script for a play but, if you want to be cast you will do it. It’s hard to only get 4 hours of sleep and working 16 hours a day during the last 6 months of your pregnancy - oh wait, that was me. But you get my drift...

Instead of focusing on all the hard obstacles along the way, figure out what you have to do to achieve the next step and do it.

By the way, if you are ready to light the fire back into your business or finally spark some magic with that business idea, then you will want to get your hands on my FREE e-mail course below.

Excuse #2 - I Don't Have Time

Between the kids, the job, the house, the friends, the dog, the extended family, the issues and the headaches, time does seem limited. One of the things I always tell myself and others around me is, check your priorities.

You will make something a priority if it means that much to you. You might not have time to stop by the coffee shop on the way to work but, you make it a priority and figure it out. You may not have enough money to pay your cell phone bill but, if it means that much to you, you will figure it out.

If you want to succeed in business you have to learn to prioritize what's important and make quick decisions and it starts with utilizing and maximizing the time you have.

Excuse #3 - No One Believes In Me. 

Can I be r-e-a-l honest? You may feel this way every day of your entrepreneurial journey. Especially if you are the first in your family or have an online business and no one before you to help guide you along the way.

Loneliness is a real. 

BUT the belief in your business has to start with yourself. TWEET THAT

If you don't believe in you when no one else does, then you can hang up the towel now. This might not be the route you want to take.

On the flip side, you have to be willing to ask for a shoulder when you need it. If you want accountability, then you must seek it. Drop the ego, independent pride and superwomen standards, and network. Get active, join some Facebook groups, check out Spark To Launch (& join the VIP waitlist!) and leave those excuses behind you.

Excuse #4 - What If I Fail...

I love debunking this excuse. Mainly because it debunks itself.

Think about it. “What if…”

No one knows.

You don't know because you haven't started and I don't know because you haven't given me anything to work with because you haven't started. See what I am getting at?

I fail at least 1x a week (usually because of one of the excuses I'm sharing today) but here I am still delivering content and running a business. You can too. In the words of the ever so magnificent, Mattie from Mattieologie, DO IT ANYWAY!

Excuse #5 - I Don't Know Where To Start.

Well, look-a here. I have an easy & free 5-day course to unlock your potential and get you moving in your business. 

But let me just say I have received countless emails on not knowing where to start and feeling lost and insecure about your business.

I've found the biggest block is, trying to do everything with no clear or a simple 1,2 step to getting started.

It's so easy to fill your notebook (or every piece of loose paper you find to write on) with endless notes and tips from all you've read and researched. The issue is a thin line between, consuming and staying stagnant versus consuming and implementing. 

And not implementing all the strategies and all the tips from all of your notes. But trusting yourself enough to maintain focus on 1-2 strategies at a time and knocking it out the park far enough to see it working.

Give yourself 30 days at every strategy you want to implement and see how far it takes your business.

This is the reason why I created the free 5-day course. To get you unstuck and prove to yourself you can eliminate these 5 excuses clogging your mind and ignite the spark back into your business.

It’s simple 5-steps in 5 days of useful strategies - no matter your expertise, niche or whether you're a freshman or sophomore in your business. 

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And believe me, I have had first had experience with all of the above and can account for a time when each excuse has held me up, resulted in a failure or had me wanting to throw in the towel and forget I ever wanted to be an entrepreneur.

So what is it going to be? Ready to get unstuck or do you have another excuse I didn't touch on? See you in the course (be ready to get active!).