A Quick Way To Cripple Your Growth In Your Business + how to ensure you don't

This one is going to be short and concise because I want you to get this butt-check (uh, I mean) knowledge real quick then go out and conquer.

A quick and sure way to cripple your growth in your business is to, start big when you haven't started at all.

From chatting with other new and aspiring entrepreneurs I've noticed many are ready to jump the gun and go straight for the knockout but, haven't lasted a round in the ring, yet. You've heard the sayings, you have to walk before you run and leap before you jump but on this, entrepreneurial journey you have to start before you strut.  TWEET THAT

Here's the #1 way I see many new entrepreneurs cripple their business success and growth. Plus, I have a free training and checklist to be sure you continue to grow and build your business. Via @CaressaLenae


You've read a ton, researched a bunch, watched a few live streams and read every email and all of a sudden you are bursting with ideas. 

You want to create your first product, rebrand your website, and start a podcast.

You've probably even written down a plan or outline and now you're ready to start collecting emails, design your sales page, meet with a designer and buy your podcast equipment...

S-L-O-W D-O-W-N!

It’s perfectly fine to actually take the necessary steps you need to take in order to make your big idea work. it’s more than fine, its mandatory. And I get it. I've been found guilty of doing the same and let me say it is the quickest way to ensure the hardest route to your success. TWEET THAT

Before you can start designing your sales page and collecting emails you have to at the very least start validating your idea. 

Drum up interest first and see if your idea makes sense to others. You can do this by, polling, questioning, searching and listening in Facebook groups, Twitter Instagram, YouTube, Amazon, Pinterest & live streams. 

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You can use Twitter to create private or public lists and do what I like to call, “the seek and find’ method for seeing who and what people are talking about when it comes to your idea. Hop into some Twitter Chats that could be relevant and plug your idea. The key here is to not sell your idea but generate a conversation about it as it relates to the Twitter Chat topic. 


Pinterest is a great search engine and thousands are searching Pinterest every day. Use some keywords and see whats hot on your topic. What type of content is being discussed? How are people responding (check the comments)? How popular is the pin? Who's some of the topic content creators for that idea? What other keywords come up when you're searching?

Same thing goes for Instagram.


Live video and YouTube is also a way to vet your idea. Scroll through comments and see what people are saying, use the search feature same as you would Pinterest and Facebook and “seek & find”. 

Ask Your Audience

No matter if you have 1,000 0r 50, ask them what they want, what they are struggling with, their favorite content pieces, etc. Create a multiple choice survey and allow space for their own input. Before you know it you'll have a targeted audience, validated ideas and a simple strategy you can always revert back to.


Once your idea is validated or after you've gone back to the drawing board to rework it, create your freebie related to your main offer (product or service). Then, design a simple coming soon landing page to collect a waitlist and promote that bad boy everywhere.

That's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and you didn't cripple your business growth in the process. 

So after today, I don't want to see you trying to implement all the ideas. Brainstorm some ideas, validate then start building momentum on one idea, create a waitlist and launch. :)

If you want a more in-depth look into HOW to accomplish brainstorming and validating your ideas, you'll want to take 40-minutes out of your day to watch my  training on this exact topic.

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