Stress-free Way To Come Up With New Content Ideas

I'm going to try this challenge of blogging daily. I can't promise I won't skip a day. I'll have to talk with my not-so-silent business partner first but, I want to be able to give more value even if it means shorter, straight to the point blog, audio or video post. 


With that said, one of my best ways to come up with new content ideas is, 


Using my most recent experiences 

Creating content can be simple or forever a headache. Let me help you take out the stress with my best tip for creating content the stress-free way. via @CaressaLenae


Think about it, within the past 30 days what have you accomplished? Even if it was learning a simple strategy, completing a task, finally accomplishing that long awaited goal, or falling flat on your face in failure, you have accomplished something.


Now, think about the 1, 2, or 100's of people who might need your advice, lesson learned, tip or mistakes made. Whether it's 1 or 100, your most recent experience is someone's next experience. Be their expert and share what you know to move them along their journey. 


Now, if your brain is like mine and you can't remember what happened just a few days ago, then I highly recommend a simple process. It may look something like this...


  • Use your planner, journal, Evernote app, calendar - your most used planning/note taking method, and every day jot down what transpired. Make it simple and use bullet points or write the whole story. Just get the info out of your brain
  • Once a month, go through your notes and go down memory lane. Take a few minutes to think back on each event and ask yourself a few questions. 
    • What did I learn?
    • Was it monumental in my life?
    • Was the result?
    • What would have happened had I not had this experience?
    • Did I make a mistake? How? 
    • What's one tip I could share with someone right now? 
    • Would I go through the experience all over again?
    • What can I teach the next person about what I went through?

You don't have to write these answers down but, think about them and speak your answer out loud. This helps to determine if your recent experience is worth sharing. 

After all, if you're going to share an experience make it worth your audience's' time to read it and implement it. 


Once you've narrowed it down to a handful of topics, then it's time to determine your topic

You can either...

  • Determine one topic you'll focus on for the next month and stem content from that main topic. 
  • Use the handful of topics and make each a different piece of content for the following month. 
  • Crowdsource your audience (whether they're your peeps or someone else's) and see which of the topics intrigued them the most. 
    • Go with the most voted and you'll have yourself a solid piece of content to create. 


PRO Tip: Use your audience's language in your content. Listen and watch for any questions, concerns and take a few minutes to research the people taking the time to vote on your topic or posting comments. Those are who you're targeting. 

So there you have it. A quick and stress-free way to come up with new content every month based on your most recent experiences. 


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