VLOG: How To Repurpose 1 Piece of Content 5 Different Ways

Repurposing is what I look forward to when I am creating new content. To know I can take one video (such as the one below) and create a blog post, then expand it to other platforms so it can reach as many of my people as possible, is such a reward on the work I put into my content.

Who doesn't want to see their ROI (return on investment) double, triple or quadruple simply by sharing content to different audiences?

Alright, enough of my uncontained excitement for repurposing content. Check out the video below as I go into the 5 ways you can take 1 piece of content and repurpose it.

Record your content piece as you normally would. Whether it's a video, audio or written blog post. In today's example, we are writing a blog post.


1. Simplify to fit a 3-5 minute YouTube video

2. Take 1-3 points and turn it into a Periscope/Facebook live broadcast (you can do a point a day to stretch out over the week)

3. Republish or write a blog post on higher engaging blogs for your niche (change the headline add or remove a few points to meet their standards)

4. Expand your blog post to create an in-depth webinar

5. Turn your unique phrases and quotes into social media post linking back to your content

BONUS: Use those beautiful slides from your webinar to upload on SlideShare!