How To Conquer Your Business Day As A Work At Home Mama

Mobilize everything. 

Everything I do is from mobile. Okay, maybe not e-very-thing but, 9/10, I do it all from my phone.

I have no choice.

When you're working from home and have a not-so-silent business partner (also known as my 2-year old) at your every step, you have to constantly be on the run. 

Whether you're running to or running from, you're on the run.

In the beginning of my online business, I couldn't grasp the concept of doing everything from my phone. Granted, at the time my phone wasn't as nifty as the one I have now. However, I, for some reason, I thought I had some 'stay at home working mama' repellant  every time I picked up my laptop. That was a mistake.

When I sat at my desk, he wanted to sit at my desk. When I was writing out action plans for my clients, he thought he should write out his toddler plans. When I thought the coast was clear during nap time for a Periscope broadcast, he thought otherwise. He is literally the boss of this operation and doesn't even know it. 

So in order for me to REALLY get work done without locking myself in the closet, I make everything I do as mobile as possible. 


Ready to face your business and your toddler in the face and conquer your business day as a work at home mama? Read how I do it all from one device. Via   @CaressaLenae

Ready to face your business and your toddler in the face and conquer your business day as a work at home mama? Read how I do it all from one device. Via @CaressaLenae

**some links are affiliate links because, well, they are fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone**

Here's a glimpse:


When I'm writing a blog post (such as this one right here) I use 1 of 3 apps.

Don't be like me. Stick to one. It'll save you at least 10 minutes of searching.

I use my Notes app, then export it to Evernote or Google Drive. Honestly either will do. Both apps are on my phone for easy access and you can access either one from a computer. 

PRO Tip: If you have Google Apps, your notes are saved in your Gmail. So you don't NEED to export it if you don't want to format and all that jazz in the apps.

Social Graphics

When I'm creating social graphics, I normally use Canva. BUT the biggest drawback for me is that it's not available as a phone app. There is an iPad app I would use at times but, when I'm working, the 'business partner' is often brushing up on identifying his numbers, playing a matching game or learning about cars and dinosaurs.

Recently, I found the app AdobePost and it is a GAME CHANGER. Doesn't have all the features of Canva but, it works and does what it suppose to do well. 


Social Media

When I want to post on social media, it's always from my iPhone. So I make sure I download the social media app and any companion apps that'll help me in the process. Such as, Facebook messenger or Facebook Groups for Facebook or Ghost Codes for Snapchat.


Recording Video

For recording my videos, they are always recorded using my iPhone. Edited using the iMovie app. Uploaded to YouTube from iMovie. Then I'll hop on my laptop and put in the appropriate pre-publishing info (tags, links, description, etc). Upload the thumbnail (that I can now create with AdobePost). Then publish. 

Client Communication

Any client communication is done by email using Streak or Slack app. Slack is for my Commitment clients - since it's a 30-day working relationship or Mastermind members in my Spark To Launch program. For my Friendship and Date clients, we use email and I use Streak.

I also use Zoom or Skype for video or 'phone ' calls. As you guest it, there's an app for both.

Audio Recordings & Transcribing 

For any audio recordings, I use an app called Voice Record Pro. Which is exported to Evernote. Then I link to the recording in the appropriate email or communication.

This comes in handy when I offer blog or business reviews to my email friends. The value is incredible and it doesn't take any setup or much equipment (iPhone and lavalier mic) to get it done. 

When I need an audio transcribed, I use the RevRecorder app. $1 per minute is the best price I've found for less than a 24-hour turnaround.

Social Media

All social media is done from my phone.

Pinterest graphics I create using AdobePost. I then go inside of Pinterest and start pinning and repining to my Boardbooster boards. Boardbooster then schedules my pins based on the settings I programmed. 

**BoardBooster boards are marked with a (-) and are secret from your profile. 

I post in my Facebook group 2-3 times a day using AdobePost for images. Buffer for scheduling the daily threads. And the Facebook app for any regular posting. When I share articles, I have the Facebook extension (as well as Google Drive, Evernote, Pocket, Slack, etc) to easily export to the desired app I choose.


Often times when I find something good I want to always reference to, I export to Slack. Star it inside of slack (this way it doesn't get deleted) then search for it when I need it. Works fantastic since I am always in Slack.

I schedule 10-16 tweets a day, using Buffer. Then I get on Twitter 2-3x a day for some interaction and engagement. All done from my phone.

My mastermind groups are within Slack. The best collaborative app there is.  

File Storage

When I need to un-zip a .zip file, I can always count on the iZip app. Then the file is usually stored in Evernote or Google Drive (depending on the type of file).

BONUS - When any member of Spark To Launch need to communicate with me, they can get in touch with me by a little chat box on any page inside the program using, Pure Chat. It'll automatically send me a notification through the Pure Chat app and I can respond within the app like I'm texting. 

Here's a quick demo of the Pure Chat user experience

Ahh, I love the power of mobile apps and how it has literally saved my mommy sanity and business. 

Now, if only Squarespace could come up with an app that'll let us format and publish blog post & Convert Kit to allow us to send emails, I'd be winning all day!