VLOG: Find Your Business Idea in 5 Days

Are you still working on building and refining your business idea? I know from experience (more than I can count) how much trial and error is involved.

I am sharing with you the 7 steps you CANNOT skip when finding your business idea. Whether you have 4 ideas or 100, You can jump ahead and take action on these steps in my free #5DayBizIdea course

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1. Conquer your mindset and set intentional goals

Setting goals are cute and should be done but, setting intentions to make those goals happen (the action) is what makes the difference. Intentional goal setting is setting your goal in stone with your mind and with your actions.

2. All about you

Remember those grade school "All about me" projects? Where you had to create a presentation of all of your likes, dislikes, introduce your parents, share your favorite TV shows & hobbies? You will do the same with a business focus. After all, you're creating a business because you love the art and are passionate about the possibilities ahead, so this helps narrow/expand on what you currently have.

3. Infuse your personality

This step is so powerful in which you understand how your personality plays a big role in your business (especially as a solo-based business - where you are your business). And you can work your personality into every step in your business and guess what? You now have your unique edge!

4. Know your why?

Why are you creating this particular business idea? What will this do for someone else and why is that important to you?

5. Categorize your interest

This step is crucial in understanding not only what you like to talk about for hours upon hours but, what you have enough knowledge in to create from.

6. Lifestyle check

Raise your hand - okay, just give me a virtual head nod, if you have created a previous business, started a fun venture or just did something for the heck of doing something that was totally out of whack with your lifestyle. *raises hand* This lifestyle check puts things back into perspective and thus requires you to create a business catered to your lifestyle.

7. Sacrificing for success

This goes hand in hand with step 6 but really focusing in on your time, energy and investment. As you may have heard, if you don’t have the time to make something happen then you have to invest in something or someone to get it done. Perfect example, if you don’t feel like cooking or too busy to prepare a meal, what do you do? Eat out!

And don’t forget, if you're on the fence or stuck with refining your idea, I'll be happy to help you inside the Launchers Lounge on Facebook.

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