How To Launch A Successful Business Without Failing First

You know that feeling - the one you get when your business idea comes to you. When the cylinders start clicking at full steam and you can hear the angelic choir in the background telling you that THIS IS THE ONE! Then you start the research, you google a million different things, and the choir fades to a low grumbling noise.

How on Earth are you going to make this happen without falling flat on your face? Sure, there’s a lot to be learned from failing, but who wants the brilliant idea they’ve been incubating to flop just so they can “learn the lessons” and wait for another fabulous idea to come along?

You want THIS idea to stick. So how do you make that happen without the failure? Here are a few tips on how to launch a successful business without failing first & an irresistible “fail-proofing” offer you won’t want to miss.


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Find A Mentor

This is the big numero uno and it is so important. It doesn’t have to be just one mentor, either. Finding someone who is exactly aligned with what you’re trying to accomplish isn’t very likely, so having a few mastermind mentors who can help you with the aspects of your business you’re struggling most with is important.

  • Research the industry you’re looking to break into and entrepreneurs who have made their mark before you.

  • Reach out to them and offer something in return for a coffee or lunch (that you buy, of course!) where you can talk with them about their story so far. This is the baseline for building a mentor relationship, but it is about more than an isolated lunch and a follow-up email asking for their help.

  • Give, give, give, THEN ask with your mentors. If you put in the effort up front to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your chosen business mentors, that relationship will pay more dividends in the future than you could ever imagine.



Become an Active Community Member

Trying to do this whole thing completely on your own is just plain silly. By doing your research on creative entrepreneur support groups online and in your area, you can start to build a network of like-minded people who are on similar journeys.


  • Find 10 communities, online and in your area, that resonate with your overarching business goals (you can get down to the nitty gritty once you have places to learn from)

  • Participate for a week or so and narrow the list down to 3 that you are getting the most out of.

  • Continue to research and refine your communities list each month to make sure those you are surrounding yourself with are still pushing you forward on your business journey.

  • Be a giving, active community member. Help as much as you ask for it.


There is so much to be gained by having the ability to source the knowledge and wisdom of others who have done this business thing before you, and you can avoid learning so many lessons “the hard way” by just soaking up what’s being shared in the communities you choose.

Invest in Your Business Education


Investing in educating yourself first is hugely important, but it does no good if you’re learning from someone who hasn’t been in your shoes. Learning from someone who HAS failed, done some serious reflection, and is ready to wholly share that knowledge with others? That’s invaluable.


  • Spend a little moola up front on some kick-ass resources to build your business. It will save you a lot of time, money, and pain later on.

  • Books are valuable resources, but don’t overdo the biz book reading. For every viewpoint out there, you can guarantee there’s a book featuring the opposite theory. Choose carefully and choose books that resonate with your mission.

  • Do some digging. Don’t just fork over money for a course or program you don’t know will provide results. Email the instructor asking for a little more info or some testimonials if they aren’t on the sales page. Email people who gave testimonials to ask more about their experience working with that particular course, product, or instructor. Make sure your investment will be worth it.

  • Put your student hat back on and be serious about the learning opportunity you take. You’ll only get from a course what you’re willing to put into it.


Trial and error will always be an important part of adjusting the course of your business as it grows, but setting yourself up for a lot less failure by creating a personalized roadmap for a consistently successful business from the start is just a no-brainer.

What is the number one thing YOU want to know about starting a business? What is the one thing that always leaves you disappointed with business resources?

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