The Truth About Passive Income (& What Passive Income Really Mean)

Don't the words "passive income" look good together?

Like, they belong to one another till death do them part...?

I bet you're sitting there thinking, "Man, I need a relationship like passive income".

Tighter than Bonnie & Clyde, smarter than Claire & Cliff Huxtable, and discreet like Oprah & Stedman. 

What if I told you I could teach you how to have a relationship with passive income that’s tighter, smarter and more discreet than the infamous couples above?

You in?

Here’s the untold story of Active Income & Passive Income and what the heck passive income really means...

Meet Active Income

Multi-passionate at heart. Hard working with a 'won't stop, don't stop' mentality. She knew the more she worked the more money she would receive. That's all she knew. In her eyes, everyone else was doing the same. Until she met, Passive Income...

The Story

One day, Active Income had enough with working long days and nights to make a living. She never had time for anything but work. 

During her daily work activities, she met Passive Income. It was an instant connection. Their differences attracted them to one another. And it was smooth sailing from the beginning.

Passive Income was quiet and always had time for fun. And didn't work nearly has much as Active Income did. There were days he would be busier than usual.  And then there were days he would be off on another adventure

Active Income became curious after some time. She wondered what Passive Income would do while she was at work.

She remembered that one time he spent the week knee deep in research, outlines, and execution plans. But, by the start of that next Monday, he was back to sleeping in and joyriding. 

The Question

After a few months, Active Income finally asked Passive Income, "What do you do every day? I never see you work and yet, you are still doing everything I wish I could do. And somehow, you haven't lost your home in the process"

Passive Income was thrilled she finally asked because he didn't know how much longer he could continue seeing her work so hard for so little. 

So Passive explained, "Remember that week I didn't leave home because, I was researching, outlining and creating a new product? Well, that's what I do. I create products and services that sell every single day (at least one them). And that's how I make my money.

I do this so I don't have to work per hour and get paid only for the hours I work."

He continued, "I give up a couple hours a day to engage with my community, make calls, analyze some numbers or tweak a plan but, that's what I do every single day."

"Most people call this passive income but, I like to think of it as engaged income. I work hard (really hard) to make sure I create magnetic products and succulent services. Plus, have time for the customer service that comes along with that.

Then, I create a system that allows me to sell those products and services on autopilot and make 'engaging' passive income daily. Which the consistent income I need to sustain my midday naps and evening joy rides."

Active Income mind was blown.

She had so many questions and didn't know where to begin to ask. 

The Condition

Before she could start her questioning spree, Passive Income asked if she wanted to learn what he does by using what she already knows to start making money on autopilot?

Active Income jolted out of her seat in excitement and said, "Yes, please show me what I need to do."

"There was one condition...", Passive Income mentioned.

You can't stop being YOU - Active. Once you put what I tell you into place and you lose yourself in the midst, you will no longer have the success you want to have. Sure, you may get some income and get to enjoy margaritas on a Tuesday and Pilates every day at Noon but, you'll lose it all fast. Even the community of people who support you.

Soon after that day, Active Income learned enough to begin to celebrate her own engaged income and soon enough quit her job. Her and Passive Income enjoyed life together where every day was payday.

And yes, Active Income caught up on her well-deserved midday naps.

What's next for you...

Whether you want to experience evening joy rides, write your first best-selling book, or ready for more opportunities to say yes to that 3-day retreat your mastermind friends have been planning, passive income streams can give you the time you need to make those happen.

"My mind was completely blown during my call with Caressa. All of the steps she laid out for me made so much sense and her presentation of the information was clear and easy to understand. I have exactly what I need to create a profitable sales funnel and I can't wait to put it into action!"
Krista Miller,

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