Passive income Isn't Passive + 5 More Myths Uncovered

These days anyone can hop online and claim their fame to the easiest $1,000 they've made while sleeping.

And by only working 4 hour work weeks...

But we all know that is not the whole story. 

Come to think about it, that's probably the biggest myth of them all.

These half-truth success stories of not doing anything to earn a living and everything magically falls into place.

100% not true.

So, let's just clear the air once and for all.

Passive income is not 100% passive.

Because if it was, you'll probably have zero income soon. 

Without marketing, building your community, testing, scaling your systems and more, your funnel will dry up and your income will clear - once and for all.

So allow me to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about these 5 passive income myths.

Myth 1 | You have to be in business for years to have a successful funnel

Falsity false false! If you've been in business for years without a successful funnel in place, stop, drop and get you one right now. As a matter of fact, click here and secure your spot for us to work 1:1 together so we can create all the funnels your business needs.

The months or years you've been in does not equate to how successful your funnel can be. In fact, if you have done the necessary steps as your are starting your business, then you can indeed have a profitable sales funnel right in the beginning.

Side note - Successful is relative. You define it. It can be $100's, $1,000s or $10,000s. It's your success - not anyone else's. 


Myth 2 | If you aren't spending hundreds and thousands of dollars into ads, you'll never experience passive income

Can someone say, WRONG! Before I get chewed out, hear me out.

I am not saying ads can't help or be the guiding force behind igniting your funnels. Because it can.

I am saying that you can indeed have a money generating funnel without ads. I've done it. And many others as well. 

A little more work + a lot more strategy + persistence and it can WORK!

Start with what you have then grow from there.

Myth 3 | All you need is an email sequence to have a working funnel

I cannot tell you how many people I have heard say this.

No, an email sequence is not a sales funnel. It's an email sequence.

Your email sequence is a driving force that steers your subscribers through your funnel. But it is not the entire sales funnel. 

Something I like for my clients to be aware of is their customer journey. If you know the path where your clients or customers will travel through, then no one gets lost. Not you. Not the client. Without the customer journey, your email sequences weigh none. 


Myth 4 | you can only sell your own products or services

Ever heard of affiliate marketers? They are people who sell other people's products and services to make money. And yes, you can indeed create funnels to other people's products and services, and many money!

Ahhhhh aren't funnels so much fun! (Don't leave me hanging here!)

Not to mention, licensing, creating an online store, subscriptions, books and more can create income streams for you. 


Myth 5 | Brick & mortar (business to consumer) businesses can never have a funnel

If you have or thinking about opening a brick and mortar business, you can have a sales funnel as well.  In fact, whether it's an sales funnel to get potential customers to purchase online or a sales funnel for potential customers to come to your store, a sales funnel should and can be implemented.

Let the funnels do the talking while you do the meeting, greeting, and trips to the bank to cash in those checks.

Now, it's starting to feel like your passive income dreams are in arms reach, right? It's not as easy as it seems nor is it as hard as it seems.

Yes, it requires work.

Yes, it requires keeping testing and analyzing.

Yes, it requires spending a little (or a lot) of money when you need to.

But now that I've given you a heads up on 5 big myths about creating passive income streams, you should feel more at ease? With some precise guidance, strategy, and a full accountability partner, you could be rolling in income streams in less than 6 months.

If you don't want to spend years figuring it out, going back and forth with yourself, spending money, losing money, and only making a little bit of money - let's do it together.

Put your name & email below & get your ticket (or checklist) to Cash Flow Funnels.