Introducing Cash Flow Funnels (and how it'll change the way you sell)

One morning in May 2013, I woke up and decided I wanted to own an organic smoothie and juice bar. 

6 months later my smoothie bar was open with fresh fruits covering the room with there naturally sweet aroma. And blenders and juicers turning whole fruits and vegetables to sweet deliciousness.

This was my first real business. I've tried LOTS before and while some did okay, this did GREAT!

I am proud of what I accomplished in 2 years with no prior professional business experience, however, there is one thing...

One thing I could have done better.

One thing that may have been the single reason for lasting longer than 2 years

One thing that would have directly aligned with my new life as a mommy.

A sales system that allowed my business to
profit daily where every day was payday.

AKA the sales funnel or as I like to call it - Cash Flow Funnel

I created Cash Flow Funnels so you can increase your revenue streams (the different products and services) through sales funnels (your money paths).

Cash Flow Funnels is a 6 month 1:1 service that meets you where you are to create a business to profit on multiple passive income streams.

Whether you've tried to sell a product and it didn't do so well or you've sold plenty of your services and still don't have a 24/7 client attraction system in place - it's covered in Cash Flow Funnels.

Let's take a minute to picture what a Cash Flow Funnel would have done for my smoothie and juice bar business.

  • Allowed me to continue to stay home with my newborn while my business is bringing in revenue and new customers
  • Reach potential customers beyond my local area that could enjoy my product at home, in person or for their own events
  • Given me time to focus on connecting with other community leaders, schools, and networks.

And not to mention the passive income generated after taking the time to set this up successfully.

What can you expect?

6 months of a full accountability +  a sweet kick in strategic action to get those funnels moving an grooving.

Here's a sky-view,

  • Month 1 | Validation + Discovery
  • Month 2 | Income Streams (we get right to it)
  • Month 3 | Content + Strategy
  • Month 4 | Integration + Implementation
  • Month 5 | Go LIVE!
  • Month 6 | Analyzation + Optimization

Each month is customized to what you need most in your business. So while we will cover all of this (plus more) your business calls the shots. 

So who is Cash Flow Funnels for?

  • Product & service business owners and coaches
  • Who've tried to sell at least one product or service
  • Who've sold at least one product or service (and can't keep the momentum going)
  • And have been in business for at least 6 months (by January 2017)

What's my promise to you?

We will create a repeatable process and blueprint for your business that will result in,

  • Doubling your income
  • Selling multiple products and services (even if you are an affiliate)
  • And allow you to only spend money that will build you a business to profit daily.

So what are you waiting for?

I have 5 1:1 spots available for this round of Cash Flow Funnels
to begin starting January 2017.

Click here to secure your spot and achieve your customized sales system made to profit on autopilot!