How To Educate Your Audience So They Can Know, Like & Trust You

You write a blog post, post a video, record a podcast and you may get a few readers, watchers, and listeners, but who's really responding?

How do you know how responsive your audience truly is?

Sometimes your content just isn't what your audience really needs.

And other times your content is so darn captivating yet it's still not getting the response you've worked hard for.

Want to know why?

You aren't answering the most important questions your audience is searching for!

Sure, it could be your lack of consistency when sharing your own content, or your blog design or undervaluing your knowledge aka not sharing what you know, but with all those aside answering these 4 questions will educate your audience so they can know, like and trust you.

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Here's your recipe for creating your pillar content pieces

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1 heaping spoonful of | The Who

  • Who is your ideal client or ideal customer?

  • Who are your services aimed towards?

  • Who would find your product the best solution to their current problem?


1 overflowing handful of | The What

  • What do you have to offer your clients or customers?

  • What makes your services/products different than the next?

  • What do you do?

  • What are the steps your client/customer need to know?


2 cups of | The Why

  • Why are you in business?

  • Why should your client/customer value your business?

  • Why does this business matter to you?


1 large bowl full of | The How?

  • How can your client/customer get the result you promise?

  • How do your customers wear/enjoy/indulge in your product?

  • How are your services delivered?


See, answering these questions serve a bigger purpose than educating your audience.

You are creating engaging content by answering all of their possible objections so they can eventually purchase from you.

And these pillar pieces sets the foundation of your content and sales funnel strategy. Ya' know, that's my favorite part!

So, whenever someone has a general question about the 'who', 'what', 'why' and 'how' of your business, you have the content + knowledge to back it up. *two snaps*

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