What It's Like When You Work With A Sales Funnel Strategist

Doesn't everything make sense when you are bouncing ideas off with someone else?

It's like everything starts to click after you've drilled your head in for days trying to figure out the missing pieces.

Then what happens when the other person leaves? Well, one of two things.

  1. You are flowing with ideas and the momentum doesn't die down. You just keep going and going and going...
  2. You become brain numb. Everything stops. The ideas, the momentum, the high fives - none of it make sense anymore.

If #2 is a fear of yours, erase it now.

Because when you work with a Sales Funnel Strategist (like myself) your passive income streams doesn't end after our time together has ended. 

The ideas will keep coming.

You can rinse and repeat the strategies.

You can use your plan to execute again and again.

All while your business is still pumping in cash daily.

Most people fail from doing one of two things


1. Trying to do too much too soon. 

Yes, we can create many revenue streams. 

Yes, we can design a funnel for your membership site, coaching program, and book. 

Yes, we can add tripwire after tripwire.

But none of those funnels will work passively and profitably if you don't spend the time to master each step of our 1:1 time together. From validating your product or service idea all the way through analyzing, testing, and optimizing what we put in place.

Not even the most simple sales funnel. 

2. Too focused on the title Rather the results
(coach vs strategist vs mentor)

I've seen many times where people who are really looking for a strategist say they need a coach and get frustrated during the process. Or they invest in a coach and waste their money because, they didn't get what they truly need.

So let's break down, with a head to head match-up of some of the key differences between a coach and strategist


The main goal is to get it done.

Have a problem? We'll figure it out.
Need to reach a goal? We'll make a plan to execute together.
Wondering what to do next? No need, we've already mapped it out. 

As a strategist, I am helping you with 1 main idea divided up over the course of 6 months - creating multiple income streams. Which means everything we do from beginning to end will be in reach of that goal. Nothing more, nothing less. 


We get clear on what you need to do to get it done.

Have a problem? We'll talk it through.
Need to reach a goal? Let's assess if it's the right goal.
Wondering what to do next? Let's get some clarity first. 

As a coach, I will focus on the skills and knowledge you already have and bring out the best in you as it relates to your business. You'll have my full support and accountability as we move month after month. 

The Mix

So what does that mean for you? Sounds like you get the best of both worlds.

You'll get the exact steps to take to create multiple streams of income without doing things you haven't mastered. And along the way, we will keep strategizing, planning, checking in, analyzing, and, implementing to find the perfect formula for your business. 

With every win, I'll be right there to pop bottles in celebration. 

With every loss, we'll assess what happen, devise a plan to recoup the loss, and go back at it again. 

It's a win-win. 

So who won the showdown? Both. You get the best of both worlds.

And to show you what I mean here's just some of what we will accomplish during our 6-month time together

Month 1: Validation + Discovery

+ A clear understanding of what your business has accomplished and where it stands right now
+ A defined goal for the evolution of your business over the next 6 months
+ Your cheat sheet for targeting your ideal clients’ pain point

This month is all about getting clear on your ideal client and customer to be certain you know what they want.

Month 2: Income Streams

+ Complete testing and validation of your potential products or services
+ Develop your personal roadmap for achieving your monthly goals
+ Un cover ways you can create multiple income streams & more...

Month 2 we are focusing on structuring your business for passive income streams

Month 3: Content + Strategy

+ Map out your entire sales funnel + organize your website to mimic your sales funnel path
+ Craft your customer journey - from lead generation to sale
+ Setup your entire sales funnel in your preferred software and more...

In month 3 we will dive into your sales funnel strategy and be certain your website is designed for the money paths we will put into place.

Month 4: Integration + Implementation

+ Record & schedule your pillar content pieces and polish your website layout
Write your email sequences, prepare Facebook ads, design graphics, organize social media post , create freebies, lay out sales pages, etc.
Proofreadall materials, integrate all the pieces of your funnel and more...

Month 4 is all about getting dirty - the strategy is implemented and the plan is being activated.

Month 5: Go LIVE!

Discover easy list building strategies to grow a following & build your community
Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3
Fu nnel is LIVE & all hands are on deck!

Month 5 we need all hands on deck as everything is live and executed.

Month 6: Analyzation + Optimization

Find ways to improve your funnel conversions
Test, tweak and evaluate to ensure maximum visibility
Deter mine your next steps for continued growth & passive income

In month 6 we will look at the data we've collected so far and find ways we can improve every step.

Hey, I see you over there sweating and hyperventilating from what looks like a mother-load of things.

Do. Not. Worry.

Once we lay it all out, you will see how the process flows into creating a strategic blueprint customized to your business to profit with passive income. 

I break it down month by month so you can see the progression of how each step falls into the next. Plus, it works!

I've set this up so that no matter where you are we will mold each task into your current business.

By the time we are talking passive income streams (oh, yeah!) the possibilities are endless with how many you can create.

Once you've tackled Cash Flow Funnels with me for 6 months, you will have set your business up for a lifetime.

I have 5 spots available for this round.
Click here to secure your spot and create the business that allows you time to write that best-selling book, take a midday nap, and enjoy margaritas on a Monday.

Because you deserve it.